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Having a high level of stamina means your muscles will last longer, run more efficiently, and in turn, burn more calories. These classes use a mix of echo bikes, weighted sleds, free weights, and training methods (HIIT, TABATA, resistance training, aerobics) that target and increase your cardiovascular capacity.


Our strength sessions use a combination of free weights, TRX suspension trainers, and sandbags to challenge, tone, and build your muscles in the most effective way possible. Increased muscle and strength keeps you functional, burns more calories, and strengthens your immune system!


Our power sessions are focused on explosive movements to create the most force possible in the shortest amount of time (Plyometrics). This helps to maximize calorie burn during and after the workout. If you’re looking to build total body power output, coordination, and core strength then this is the class for you.


Not only is this class designed to help you move and feel better, it increases your ability to recover. Using trigger point release techniques, various forms of stretching, as well as exercises that increase range of motion we will get you moving and ready for whatever life throws at you.

Coaches Choice

These classes are a great opportunity to challenge yourself physically and have a little bit of adventure at the same time. The structure is completely up to the coach. One class you could be challenging your core strength and aerobic condition, the next you could be working on increasing your range of motion. Endless possibilities that will leave you feeling accomplished.

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