Tre Silva

Tre Silva

Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer


Exercise Science Bachelor’s from Central Washington University

ACE Personal Training Certification

NSCA CSCS Certification

About Coach

I’ve always had such a genuine passion for health and fitness growing up thus why I chose to pursue exercise science in college. I grew up playing almost every and any sport I could and stuck to football and track & field by High School and competed in track & field as a college athlete at Central! I specialized in jumping and being a college athlete competing at multiple championships, I gained further knowledge in biomechanics and the importance of how fragile the body can be and how crucial it is to take care of our body. So being able to help others take care of their body with proper exercise and progression with good nutrition honestly gives me so much joy because I love to see people’s potential shine through my training!

Turning Point

In my senior year of High School, I broke my leg in my first game and didn’t have a senior year of sports. Then the following year I tore my ACL at PLU in football during summer practice and thought it was a sign I should be done with sports. But after hard training and determination with physical therapy, I walked onto Central Washington’s track team and competed for a couple of years and shattered my old personal records! Injuries should never shatter your dreams and I learned that patience is a virtue and a lot of the time people can feel very discouraged and lose motivation after an injury. But I’ve been there multiple times and came back stronger than I was before and this helps me want to get people back into fitness shape and work around any injury that is going on.

Motivation & Passion

I want to serve any and everyone who wants to better themselves! To me, if you’re in the gym or out doing physical activity, then I’d love to work with you because I know you love fitness just as I do! My motivation is to achieve your goals and see progress because finding your potential is my passion!

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