Dalton Keene

Dalton Keene

Owner & Personal Trainer







About Coach

When I first began my adventure with exercise 16 years ago, I was primarily doing it to get better for the sports that I was participating in. As I became more experienced with the human body and how it responded to certain types of training I became hooked! I immersed myself in a new lifestyle and have never regretted it. My path as a fitness professional has allowed me to work with hundreds of amazing individuals, obtain 5 national certifications, and gain 10 years of experience. I want to use these experiences and education to build a community that is centered around health so that others can live the best version of themselves.

Turning Point

My story starts as a young child. I loved playing sports and was very active. I took part in everything from football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, baseball, and track. I couldn’t get enough of the competition and sense of achievement when I would win a game or event When I turned 11 years old I was introduced to weight training. We had a small workout room in the basement of our house. I didn’t know very many exercises, but the ones that I did, I found that I really enjoyed them. The satisfaction of challenging myself and reaching new goals was very fulfilling. After a year of working out by myself, I wanted to try out a commercial gym. My girlfriend at the time (yes, I was 12 years old 😆) bought me my first month at 24-Hour Fitness. I was very excited but didn't know what to expect. When my dad took me to sign up, the staff member helping us was actually a personal trainer. She ended up talking us into sessions with her. I trained with her for 2 years and found that my love for exercise was growing stronger than my passion for playing sports. Fast forward a few years to my senior year of high school, I had a turning point in my life. I had an opportunity to play football for a few different colleges. While most people would be excited about this, I was internally met with a lot of angst. My passion for health, fitness, and exercise had overshadowed my interest to play collegiate sports. I had to make a decision on either continuing to play and prolonging my start to my career and eventual business or walking away and start helping others live healthier lives. I chose the personal trainer path, and while I do think back about what could have been, I know that I have helped so many others regain their health and lives. It makes it all worth it to me.

Motivation & Passion

My purpose for coaching is to help others be the best version of themselves. Whether that is an athlete looking to increase their vertical jump, a diabetic looking to get off their medication, or a parent wanting to keep up with their kids. My motivation is to see others succeed in their goals. Watching them realize that a goal they never thought would be possible is now a reality.

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