Tatum Pine

Tatum Pine

Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

2022 NCWA 130lb
National Champion Wrestler
Bench 1RM 165 lbs


ISSA Personal Training Certification
College Wrestler
Morgan Middle School Girls Wrestling Coach

About Coach

With a background in gymnastics, swimming, and wrestling, I have always kept myself busy with staying active. Being a leader in a group has come naturally to me, which ultimately led me to become the team captain of my high school wrestling team (which included about 40 boys and 4 girls). Continuing on in my athletic career, I wrestled at the collegiate level, becoming a 4x All-American and becoming a National Campion. Throughout the years, I have maintained a caption status in the workout room, pushing and encouraging others to do and be their best. I continue to stay active in the wrestling community, whether that is coaching or volunteering. I began weight training in college, which quickly grew into a new passion.

Turning Point

Although I have maintained an active lifestyle, there have been times (or seasons) with little to no activity. In these seasons, I have found that my energy levels, my drive, and my spark, have dwindled. Of course, in these times, the last thing I wanted to do was go and push myself through a workout. So, I wouldn't. It wasn't until I found myself in a place with a little option that I made a plan for myself. Movement three times a week. I didn't care what it was; the gym, yoga, a walk. With this plan put in place, I began to move my body again. And I began to feel better, who knew?! The movement brought me back. There will always be seasons of life that call for different needs, and it is our job to listen and allow our bodies what they need.

Motivation & Passion

Seeing others succeed is my driving force. Success can lie in hitting a new max on a squat, doing a full unassisted pull-up, or feeling more comfortable in their skin. Everyone has their reason for coming into the gym and I want to honor that by making it the best possible experience for them. Regardless of the goal, it is my mission to create a positive environment that will carry throughout your day, beyond the gym.

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