Dorian Broadus

Dorian Broadus

Group Fitness Instructor & Personal Trainer

- I presently do weekly indoor and outdoor cardio to sustain a 5:30 mile time.

- Through workout tracking and meal prepping I was able to achieve 8% body fat in a two-year time span while completing my Community College AA degree.


- Work experience in health and wellness

- passionate motivator with strong organization and active listening skills

- Designing in-depth training needs, to create progressively planned workouts

- Patience with understanding that people learn at different ways and different speeds

About Coach

- My name is Dorian Broadus, and I was born in Ballard, near Seattle but I currently reside in Ellensburg. From a young age, I competed in three competitive sports, baseball, basketball, and football. I grew up in the Seattle area participating in sports-related competitions. Those challenges made me value health and fitness from a youthful age. The discovery of fitness and faith gave me direction and life skills which I build upon each day. - Fitness is nothing new to my life. I am currently a college athlete with aspirations to compete in multiple professional fitness leagues. I am highly motivated to find a multitude of fitness techniques to bring knowledge gained from each to those I work with. I am also a powerlifting and CrossFit enthusiast. I look to training and competing in these sports in the near future. I also grow a fitness influencer account on a variety of social media outlets. - My future goals are to pursue a career in 1-on-1 personal training while continuing to grow an appealing online presence that extends the benefits of fitness to everyone in hopes of transforming their lives.

Turning Point

- My ethos is living a healthy life and having the ability to pursue heights that build self-confidence. When I started on my career path toward fitness, it was during the years of COVID. In the beginning, I chose to live an unhealthy lifestyle which led to an increase in weight and mental health issues. Recognizing the sedimentary lifestyle being influenced by my community members, plus myself forced a sense of responsibility. I found a passion beyond the normal conditioned belief of working out to look good. Every day since that time, I have been climbing the fitness and health industries. Through past employment at gyms, personal workouts with experienced bodybuilders, and my educational journey of fitness industry podcasts and books, I am persistent with gathering knowledge to maintain your fitness and continue to work towards your goals, long after initial sign-up.

Motivation & Passion

I’m passionate about helping others find happiness in their life and be able to truly enjoy those feel-good moments. I believe that when you FEEL GREAT, you excel in life. For me, a healthy lifestyle does not simply come from lifting weights. I push those that work with me by addressing multiple aspects of your health wheel. Stretching, warming up, healthy eating, enough rest, and weekly check-ins. I make it a goal to help you achieve a well-balanced lifestyle through simple but necessary steps. The standards I hold myself to, as your personal trainer will improve your capabilities and minimize the risk of future health-related issues.

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