Meghan Juarez

Meghan Juarez

Personal Trainer

Hip thrust: 285lbs

Pull ups: 4

Pistol squats: 8

Box jump: 42 in.

Handstand hold: 2 min.


B.S. Food Science Nutrition & Dietetics

NASM Certified personal trainer

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

ACE Group Fitness Instructor

About Coach

Growing up, I was always exposed to an active lifestyle. I competed in cheer, gymnastics, and dance for 13 years in total. My dad coached multiple different sports and taught my sister and I all that he could. Monday through Friday you could catch me at dance practice and on the weekends I’d attempt other sports like tennis, golf, or pole vaulting. Nowadays you’ll mostly see me rock climbing. Each one of these has taught me skills such as balance, flexibility, agility, speed, and power. I love teaching each and every one of these skills to my clients. Training like an athlete in the gym has so many benefits to it, but mostly, it’s just a lot of fun!

Turning Point

A turning point for me was quitting dance. I went from exercising 5+ days per week to doing absolutely nothing. Dance and cheer practice gave me structure that I no longer had. I had to find ways to motivate myself without several coaches by my side. I had to learn all about strength training with only the help of YouTube and a couple of friends. It felt incredibly overwhelming and intimidating walking into a gym by myself with zero plan and zero goals. BUT, I did it. I became obsessed with learning more about both nutrition and fitness which eventually led me to a career in both fields. :)

Motivation & Passion

My goal as a coach is to help my clients love both fitness and themselves. To me, exercise is so much more than a means to change your physique. Exercise is about becoming the strongest version of yourself mentally and physically, and empowering others to do the same. As a coach, I encourage my clients to switch from a “lose/gain X amount of lbs” to a “learning to love the process” mindset. I am so passionate about helping my clients find exercise styles they enjoy doing. Only then does fitness become sustainable in the long term. My “why” is helping others create their strongest, healthiest, most confident selves.

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